Vic Firth Drum Mutes for Rock Fusion Kit

Vic Firth Drum Mutes for Rock Fusion Kit

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Complete, quiet practice for your drumkit. The Vic Firth Mutes for Rock Fusion Kit is a full set of silencing pads for your drums and cymbals. These pads are easily added and removed making them a quick solution to drum volume, reducing noise by 70%.


Made from non-slip pure rubber the Vic Firth mutes provide real action and great durability ? staying secure throughout playing. They dramatically reduce volume for playing at home without disturbing the family or neighbours!


  • Complete set of mutes for your drums and cymbals
  • Significantly reduces the volume of your drums and cymbals
  • Non-slip pure rubber ensures secure and quiet performance
  • Quick, simple, and effective solution to drum noise – perfect for practice!
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