Sabian XSR 14” Hi Hats #385

Sabian XSR 14” Hi Hats #385


Sabian XSR 14in Hi Hats


These are only a few months old so good condition! Just have some minor cosmetic marks as shown.


advancements used to create their top-end Evolution and X-plosion ranges, and utilise it in the design and production of the XSR series - a great new range of cymbals with the same high end features at a fraction of the price.


Crafted from pure Sabian B20 Bronze, the XSR 14” Hi Hats deliver unprecedented sound and performance. These versatile cymbals produce a bright, focused sound thanks to a brilliant finish, subtle hammered texture and enhanced profiles - all XSR cymbals possess re-shaped bells for optimum sonic acceleration.


This is a brilliant set of hi hats.

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