Meinl Cymbals BACON Cymbal Sizzler

Meinl Cymbals BACON Cymbal Sizzler

  • ADD A LIGHT SIZZLE EFFECT TO YOUR CYMBALS: As the name Bacon implies, MEINL Cymbal Bacon adds a subtle sizzle sound to any ride, crash, or effect cymbal in your set up. Simply place the Cymbal Bacon on any stand without the need for wing nuts.
  • NO DRILLING OR PERMANENT RIVETS NEEDED: In place of drilling your cymbals to add metal rivets, the metal chain will bounce on the top of your cymbal providing a sizzle sound that can be used in any setting from jazz to funk.
  • SAFE TO USE ON ANY FINISH: From traditional to brilliant to raw hand hammered cymbals, the lightweight Meinl Cymbal Bacon adds an instant effect without harming cymbal surfaces or dampening their sustain.
  • TAKE ON AND OFF AS DESIRED: The simple design allows you to grab the Cymbal Bacon and place on and off any cymbal throughout your performance. The circular metal ring is designed to work with any cymbal stand.
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