Flix Tips Light Drumsticks - Orange

Flix Tips Light Drumsticks - Orange


The Flix tips create offer the combination of rods and drumstick heads a unique new sound. The lighter Orange tips in the Light version deliver a tight, funky sound with clear articulation without sounding obtrusive.

The Flix tips can be used for a wide variety of musical styles, however perfectly in Latin styles. The sticks are outstanding balanced and by her big, rubberized handles for optimum Grip.

Make Rubber bands on the sticks can be moved to adjust the sound and the hardness of the Flix tips. The plastic tips of the sticks provide incisive attack and a long service life.




  • 1 pair
  • Orange tips
  • Weight: Light / light
  • Combined with drumstick heads rods
  • Nylon tips
  • Nylon sticks
  • rubberized grips
  • Ideal grip
  • well balanced
  • Rubber rings to adjust hardness and sound
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