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Who are Into Music?

In a nutshell we are a pre-loved online drum shop. We source stock from all over the UK and restore, repair and service everything in house before listing on our website, eBay and social media accounts. We aim to offer musicians with a reliable place to buy, trade and hire quality instruments. But where did the idea first come from?

The idea of owning a business based around my love for music and drumming was a dream from a very early age. Throughout school I spent all my break times in the music department learning about new gear and teaching myself the basics of music production. After leaving school I moved on to music college to study music performance alongside gigging every weekend with my band. I was living the dream, waking up everyday and getting to hang out with like minded people and playing my drums. However, this put a constant strain on my gear so replacing and upgrading equipment became more frequent. As a student working on a tight budget eBay was my only option to find affordable gear. However it was becoming more and more common that the equipment would arrive falsely advertised or broken!

So this is where the idea began, I wanted to create a business that sourced quality affordable gear but serviced and repaired it before putting it back up for sale. This started as more of a hobby whilst I was still studying at music college. The first item I sold was a cheap Performance Percussion set that was all rusted and battered. I spent hours cleaning the metal work and re painting the shells before turning my £15 carboot find into a £65 sale on ebay. From then on me and my grandad would search car boot sales every weekend to find bargains that I could work on to make a bit of profit. The idea to get started was to buy these beginner drum set for up to £40.00 and sell all the individual parts on ebay which would total around £100 in sales. All of this profit would go straight back into buying more and more drums and this is how I continued all through the summer. I loved the saturday morning hunts around the carboot spending time with my grandad. We managed to land on some real gems whilst doing these searches which is a topic for a different blog post!!

Fast forward a few months and I'm now teaching drum lessons 6 times a week from a spare room in my grandparents house, bringing in hundreds of pounds worth of stock a week and trying to juggle college. So now was the hardest decision of my life... Leave my music performance course to take this business idea to the next level. I began scaling up the buying process finding kits all around lincolnshire to collect up and sell. Learning about everything to do with business and drums along the way. The important part to remember is that all of this started from one single investment of £15.00 I didn't have thousands of pounds to get me started.

This has now turned into an amazing small family business with two members of the family helping me source and collect stock from all over the UK selling some of the highest quality drum kits, cymbals and accessories whilst of course still stocking the affordable gear that got this business started. We ship hundreds of orders around the world each week whilst also working closely with music shops in Hungary to provide them with some of the great vintage drums made here on british soil. Although it's not easy and ive had to learn most of the things I know by making the mistake first, I am incredibly proud of the brand and community I have created.

It still blows my mind that in such a short space of time I've gone from selling just cheap beginner drum kits from my grandparents spare room to stocking some of the most of incredible drum equipment on the market. My favourites would have to be the DW collectors that we've sold in a variety of rare finishes, the gretsch, yamaha and ludwig gear too! But more importantly the amazing people and customers that i've met along the way that have supported us and helped grow this business so quickly. I have massive plans for the future and continuing to grow everyday but for now we continue to bring in new products daily and have the largest online inventory of pre loved drum equipment!

I won’t pretend that it’s been an easy year and it’s as simple as buying a selling a few drums because some of the challenges that face you in a business sense can seem daunting and seriously pull you down especially at a young age.

Although currently we are only an online based shop we are incredibly passionate about drums and the products we sell. We don’t hide away behind the computer screens and our teaching studio in Horncastle is always open for viewings of any of the incredible drums kits we have in stock or even just for a chat about everything drums! Give me a call and I’ll get the kettle on!

This is only the start of Into Music...

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